Churches & Agencies

As a church or sending agency you are working to fulfill the great commission by inspiring and equiping individuals to live on mission. Missional.Life is a multi dimensional platform that connects individuals with a heart for missions with organizations that have the wisdom and experience to help them start their journey. The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.

Proactive Preparation

An individual who has a heart for missions is full of passion but may lack understanding or needed skills to succeed in their new context. Often times missions dollars must be spent on training before they can be spent on sending. Missional.Life provides organizations a platform to connect with interested individuals, provide training materials, and begin fostering relationships long before they enter the field. This means more missionaries can be deployed with no loss in preparedness.

Follow the Journey

Each Individual has a unique story of God calling them to this incredible work. Missional.Life allows the individual to capture this story by including their work, education, church, and life experiences in the timeline of their story. This allows the churches and organizations to get a full picture of what brought them to this point in their lives and better place them where their gifts can be utilized most effectively.

Guide the Process

Often times those who are passionate about missions can be immediately discouraged by a litany of things they never thought about like, where they will go, who they will serve, how they will pay for it, and what they will do with all the things they will leave behind. This is avoidable when you have an organization who has helped so many others answer these questions before. Missional.Life allows churches and sending agencies to guide the individual each step of the way to ensure they are successful and that nothing hinders them from being able to be sent.

Encourage the Mission

Many of those in your organization are on a long and difficult road to accomplish what God has called them to. Your encouragement in this task is often the very fuel that keeps them pressing forward. Missional.Life allows the organization to reach out in real time and let them know they care, they are praying, and that they believe in them. Whether it’s celebrating when they reach a goal, praying for their needs, or commenting on their stories, the people you support will be reminded that they are not alone.

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